The Campbell Architecture team recently spent some contemplation time on the banks of the Shoalhaven, at the wonderful Boyd Education Centre, Riversdale designed by Pritzker Architecture Prize laureate Glenn Murcutt. Following Murcutts maxim that the critical eye & creative hand are so important for the making of good architecture, the team took to their sketchbooks. A vignette of our sketches from the day are a window into the unique personalities that make up our team.


Is this a Sydney architects nirvana? A flat, vacant site with amazing north facing views, easy water access and no landscape issues! Campbell Architecture is bringing our relaxed and comfortable architecture to a former tennis court above Shelly Beach Manly. Expect cool, crisp, yet human spaces that work hard for an active family, while also being simple and beautiful!  

GOOD ARCHITECTURE – it takes more than an idea

Jonathan Plant in action! Listening, analysing, discussing, deciding. GOOD ARCHITECTURE takes more than just a good Architect. The Architect is the pivot point for harnessing the skills and talents of the many contributors that go into a successful project.

GOOD ARCHITECTURE – it takes more than an idea

Gregory Phillips in action! Campbell Architecture believes GOOD ARCHITECTURE involves a depth of knowledge.  As 90% of our clients choose Wolf and Sub-Zero appliances Gregory and the CA team spent an evening at Winnings recently getting “hands-on” acquainted with the latest models.  The bbq seared, and the temperature sensor cooker timed the fillet to perfection, the salad was crisp as the day it was picked, and the steamer produced perfect chocolate pudding all by itself.  Food and wine, all in an effort to understand and service our clients needs better!    

GOOD ARCHITECTURE – it takes more than an idea

Amandine Cesbron-Logerais in action! Campbell Architecture believes GOOD ARCHITECTURE is the apparent effortless combination of artistic and technical skills.  Behinds the scenes our Architects ’sweat on the smallest of details’. Hands on, high detail and high service Architecture, on the drawing board and on the site to get that detail just right!