GOOD ARCHITECTURE – it takes more than an idea

Amandine Cesbron-Logerais in action! Campbell Architecture believes GOOD ARCHITECTURE is the apparent effortless combination of artistic and technical skills.  Behinds the scenes our Architects ’sweat on the smallest of details’. Hands on, high detail and high service Architecture, on the drawing board and on the site to get that detail just right!

GOOD ARCHITECTURE – it takes more than an idea

Andres Rodriguez in action!  Campbell Architecture often works with old buildings so our Architects have to be skilled at measuring and documenting existing structures. Using exhaustive site measuring, sketching, historical research and an Architects deductive knowledge of how buildings go together, we create detailed 3D models of the base building as the solid base from which the creative process can spring.

HOUSE S2 – Newstead reborn

Campbell Architecture has been commissioned to revive and reinvent Newstead in Darling Point for a busy modern family.  We will work with the heritage architecture to release its faded inner grandeur while creating spaces for easy contemporary living. We love working on significant Sydney houses,  our portfolio of  urban estates includes projects in Vaucluse, Point Piper, Bellevue Hill and Woollahra.  


Campbell Architectures House P in Palm Beach is nearing completion. Natural materials and bold lines couple with the existing houses nod to Japanese architecture, and balance a modern aesthetic sympathetically with the feel of place from the surrounding landscape. Sitting high on the cliff overlooking Palm Beach the house is bathed in sunlight. Both a delight and a design challenge. Carefully detailed sliding cedar and brass screens modulate light through the building & terraces. Allowing the occupants to change the ambience of space depending on current use. Whilst also adding a level of finesse to contrast the bold structure. As …