House B – On the way up…

24/05/2013:  House B, an exploration of the ‘house as verandah’ theme is well underway with the lowest floor and pool in place.  Sitting on this solid masonry base will be a stepped timber framed upper floors surrounded by timber verandahs, wide eaves and shutters.  The design is based on Campbell Architectures design philosophy of simplicity, durability, reworking of traditional design cues with a contemporary twist – to produce an architecture that is comfortable, relaxed & ready for living.

House C3 – new wall product super fast

In House C3, under construction in the inner city, Campbell Architecture is utilising Ritek permanent formwork concrete walling.  The simple technology, affordable, factory constructed panels were delivered onto site, erected and concrete filled in a two day timeframe, producing considerable time saving during construction.  The finished surfaces of the product are simply set, allowing rendering trade to be completely eliminated from the job.  A successful experiment in new building methods.

M is for Macdonald valley idyll

House M in the historic Macdonald Valley north of Wisemans Ferry is with Council for Development Application. A comfortable family retreat on the river.  Replacing a tired fibro, Campbell Architecture is proposing a building that doesnt try to be iconic, doesnt show off, but perfect for relaxed extended family weekend getaways; waterskiing, biking, sitting by the fire to try that new Tasmanian brie.